President Gordon B. Hinckley

President Hinckley was and is an amazing person. I loved listening to him speak. He has a great sense of humor and never ceased to amaze me with the many things he did. I loved watching Pres. Hinckely with his wife. They were so cute! He was always kind and has so much love for her that you could see in the way he looked at her, how he treated her and talked about her. You could tell that his wife's death took a toll on him. Although I will miss hearing him during Conference, I am glad that they are able to be together again!


Everyone's a Lobo! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Chris, Parker and I went to the Men's Lobo Game. It was so much fun. We went to watch Lyndsay perform with her Razzel Dazzel group. There were about a million little girls out on the floor for the performance. Lyndsay looked so cute in her cheer uniform. We haven't been to a game in a long time, and this was Parker's first college basketball game. During the game I came to a realization ...I really like to watch basketball games! I know the rules and what's going on (that's a plus) and there is always something going on. I think basketball might be my favorite live sport to watch (except maybe water polo). Parker had a blast too. He loves cheering for the teams, and howling like a Lobo.

We stayed after the game by the ramp to the locker room to see if we could get a picture of Parker and Lobo Louie (Parker loves Lobo Louie). Well, we didn't get a picture of Louie, but we did firgured out that Parker is the most flirtaious 2 year old ever. He would hang over the railing, wave and say, "Hi girls!" to all the cheerleaders. They would giggle and wave back, and Parker would give a flirtaious smile. It was so funny to watch. So we didn't get a picture of Parker and Louie, but we did get this pic.


"Fishy Fish"

Parker, Chris and I went to the Aquarium with my mom over break. We had so much fun. The fish were cool, but it was watching Parker that was the most fun. He loved watching the fish and sharks. One of the funniest momments was when we were at the stingray tank and one came up and flapped his "wing" and FREAKED Parker out. I mean really it scared him. Parker jumped back probably 4 feet. He loved the Koi (they're the fish that look like giant gold fish) and said the eels and lobsters were "scawy". I love the Aquarium myself, but it is quite a different experience to go with your own child.