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What's Next? **Beware of spoiler for Twilight Series**

Oh WOW! I finished Eclipse last night while Chris went to a Rush concert with his bro, David, and nephew, Isaac. I like this series alot. I laughed and cried (alot) and I can't wait till August for the next book, Breaking Dawn. I admit I'm a nerd about this whole thing, but haven't gotten into a book like this, well, I think ever!!!!! What's going to happen next? I really hope it's a happy ending. I want Bella and Edward to marry, Jacob to be happy and imprint, and some magical thing to happen so that Bella and Edward can be together forever without Bella needing to be a vampire so that they can have kids (but I thnk that's my own desire for more little ones). If Bella does become a vampire I realy hope that Edward's the one to do it. I'm glad that Bella and Edward didn't "go all the way", but I am very interested to see how Stephine addresses that promise in the next book. Chris kept telling me that I should slow down my reading so it would last longer, so that I didn't have to wait as long for the fourth book. but I kept telling him that it was too good to put down. Plus, I wanted to finish them so that I could just move on with my life and stop thinking and wondering about what was going to happen next to Bella, Edward and Jacob (who I really like and am very sad that he and Bella didn't work out even though I wanted Edward and Bella to stay together too.) I know, I'm weird, but whatever.

Back to reality. Last night while Chris was out at the concert, Parker and I went to Target (a family favorite, even for Parker). Parker loves to get one of the small tricycles and ride around the whole store with us. It keeps him busy and he keeps pretty close. Anyway, I was showing Parker these cute sippy cups that were in the shapes of lobsters, fish, and monkey faces, and he looked at me and said, "It's too girly." What? When did my little boy start thinking things were "too girly", let alone saying it?


Like I Promised!

So I finished New Moon last Friday (oh, I like those books!), but I haven't started Eclipse yet, because I promised myself I would do some projects first. Life is good as usual. Nothing to really complain about. Yesterday, Chris and I took the day off and went to an Isotopes day game with Parker. It was a blast. The Isotopes played a horrible game, but it was a beautiful day and the hot dogs and nachos were tasty...what more could we ask for? Parker ran the bases after the game. It was so cute to watch him! I am a proud Momma! He only took a detour to the pitchers mound once and ran the whole way. The only time he got nervous was when he thought he was going to meet us back at first base where we dropped him off. When someone tried to direct him the right way he got scared and started to cry, but in the end it did not give him a complex against baseball...at least I don't think so.

On a different note...

...sometimes Parker and I get bored at home without Chris. So here's what we did one night.


I promise!

So I know I haven't blogged in a really, really long time. You can blame that on the book Twilight. I've been spending all my free time reading instead of on the Internet. I finally finished Twilight, but now I'm on the 2nd book and I'm having a hard time doing anything else but read. I am constantly having conversations with myself, almost out loud, telling myself to get the dishes done, grade, go to bed, etc...I love these books. It's been a long time since I've been so into a book. It's kinda fun. So I promise I'll blog more later...don't get mad at me.