I Love the Summer Olympics!!!

So I'm sitting here watching some swimming events and I find myself holding my breath and taking quick breaths as if I was racing right along with the Olympians (of course, I would be half way across the first length when they would be finishing their 4th) Anyway, the swimming is my favorite, then the gymnastics and water polo are tied for silver.

I swam all growing up. I was never really good, but I loved it. I loved the rush you felt gliding through the water. I miss that feeling. Also when I was 10 and 11 I played water polo. Watching one of the Olympic matches brought back a flood of memories. I remember my first game. I got ejected because I did something wrong, but I remember breaking down because I had no idea what I did...I guess I wasn't paying attention while the coach was going over the rules. I also remember trying to play when I was 12 (which placed me in the older team), but everyone was starting to hit puberty and I hadn't yet (I've been the same height since 6th grade). So that pretty much ended my career playing water polo, but I loved coaching it the summer after my freshman year in college. If you haven't seen any of the H2O Polo games yet, try and catch one.


Check it out!!!

I saw this on someone else's blog and I had to try it. It's a website (http://wordle.net) that looks over all the words in your blog and displays them in different sizes, according to which ones are used the most. So I wonder who I report about the most in my blog?