Fruitcake Anyone?

So I got an email today that originated from my Uncle Jim. He was sending a picture out to the family of my Grandpa baking his last batch of fruitcakes. I guess he bakes a bunch every Christmas time to give to family and friends. I love that my Grandpa does this. He is 90-some years old (I can never remember his exact age), is practically blind and his body is worn down from many decades of hard work, but still bakes fruitcake! He also keeps his household running as well as finds time to get to the temple several times a week. I love his magnifing glasses. It reminds me of the scene from Toy Story 2 where the old man fixes Woody up. My G'pa (as he signs his emails and letters) is a good man, and I am grateful to be apart of his family.


I am blessed.

I am very grateful for this time of year. I love that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close together. I am often reminded during this time how blessed I am. Even with all the craziness and drama that comes along with family, I realize that I am so blessed to have so many people who love me no matter my flaws and idiosyncrasies. I am grateful to have a ball of energy that calls me mom and runs to give me a hug every time I pick him up from Jenny's house. I love my wonderful husband, who puts up with me. His siblings might say that I put up with a lot being married to him, but he really does have to put up with a lot being married to me too. (I can hide my craziness from pretty much everyone but him.) Thank you to all you family who might read this. I love and appreciate you.

ps Don't you love the hair and glasses?