A Little of This and That

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

The cousins cozying up together by the fire after celebrating Isaac's baptism and Chris' birthday. It's always fun to have the family around.

One of Parker's favorite movie's is Mary Poppins, and he loves the song, "Let's Go Fly a Kite." So that's what we did, we went to fly a kite. Parker had great fun...

...UNTIL he found the baseball field with a little league team practicing, and he had no interest in the kite anymore.

"Throwing signs" in the duggout.

This is the first, but I'm sure not last, black eye. I guess that's what you get for playing with a plastic drawer with your cuz.


How Do You Do That?

So just a quick note to my blogger friends...How do I get the cute backgrounds, and change the fonts? I finally figured out how to get music (yeah!), but I want it all! The cute banner at the top with my name, fun fonts of different sizes, and different backgrounds! Help me!!!


A Pinkilicious Party!

I had a great birthday this year! My niece, Lyndsay and I share a birthday. In the past I've been kinda selfish and insist I have my own party. This year I thought it would be fun to share a party together. Lyndsay and I had the idea when reading the book, "Pinkilicious". Its about this girl who really likes pink and eats pink cupcakes, and then becomes pink. So we decided to have a Pinkilicious Birthday Party with pink cupcakes, pink decorations, and everyone had to wear pink. Well, it was a blast. I had so much fun getting together with my family and the Navarrette Family. We played a matching game with words that described Lyndsay and myself. Then when someone would get a match they would get some candy that went with it (for example the match was "fun" and then the person got Fun Dip candy) Anyway, some of the candies were Dum Dums and Airheads. Can you believe that? I'll embrace the title of "Airhead", because I know I do some airheady things, but "Dum Dum"? I don't think so. Anyway, thank you Chris and Jenny for getting it together (and thank you also to Ryan and Troy for helping set up and Bob and Lu for helping cleaning up). It was Awesome!!!!! (The last sentence is to be said like DJ Lance Rock on Yo Gabba Gabba.)