Samsgiving-- noun A Thanksgiving dinner for Sam (my little, but much taller brother) with his family and good friends before he went on his mission. Julie Dahl, a really good family friend (and a second mom to the Hobbs kids) put together this dinner for my family while everyone was in town together for Sam's farewell. Sam is going to the Munich, Germany Mission. He went into the MTC Nov. 14. It was so nice to have everyone (well almost everyone, we missed you Nate and Malan!) together before Sam left. My Grandma Nancy came in from Cali, and my Grandpa Hobbs came in from Utah with my Aunt Meredith (thank you Mere for coming so Grandpa could come too). Thank you Julie for making everything go so smoothly!


I've Been Tagged!!!!!

Wow, I've been tagged. So, I guess what I do is write 6 things about myself that others might not know and then tag 6 other people on their blog. Here it goes.

1. I LOVE SOCKS. Not boring white ones, but fun colorful socks that go up to my knees. My favorite pair of socks are these cute striped toesy pair. I would wear them all the time, but they have HUGE wholes on the bottom. (shh...sometimes I wear them anyway.)
2. I LOVE MY CROCS. My husband bought them for me one night on a whim. They are cute black, Mary Jane style. I would wear them all the time too, but it's getting colder. I know you're not supposed to wear socks with your sandals, but what about socks with your crocks?
3. You probably already know this, but I am compulsively late. I don't know what the deal is. I am late all of the time. It doesn't matter what time I get up or start getting ready, I will most likely be late. Does anyone have any suggestions?
4. When I was little I loved butter. I would put loads of butter on my rice, potatoes, bread, etc... Not only that, but I used to get into the fridge and use my fingers to lick the stick of butter. I know, GROSS!!!! I cannot believe I did that. I gag just thinking about it. Chris jokes around that that is the reason I needed a kidney transplant. (F.Y.I. I am not like that now!)
5. I am related to what seems like half of my ward either through marriage or bloodline. Through marriage: Navarrettes (Jr. & Sr.), Edwards, Crandalls, and Ruprechts (there used to be more, but my In-Laws and the Haymores moved). Through bloodline: Val Rigby & Rebbekah Brooks (Again, there used to be more, but my sister moved and so did the Hatches.)
6. I was the mascot for my high school my senior year. West Mesa's mascot is the Mustang. I was one out of I think 5 people. I know I wasn't the best, but it was one of my attempts at becoming more outgoing. The costume didn't really fit me (my tail dragged on the ground), but I enjoyed it.

I am going to tag Lisa Fewox, Tammy Bishop, Joanna Foust, Janalee, Kristen Seamons & Jen Anderson. TAG YOUR IT!!!


Playing Make-Believe

Parker loves to play make-believe. (I'm so glad he is interested in more than just baseball.) My two favorite things to watch are (1) Parker talking and playing with his stuffed animals (a dog, Nanu, a chimp, Boss, and orange teddy bear, Spencer). In the picture he is having a group hug with them. The other (2) is when he "makes" food for Chris and me. He loves to get behind his new big boy bed and pretend he works at a food place and make us pizza, cookies and coke (I'm thinking it's Dions since that's what we get there). Parker is at such a fun stage in life. He loves playing with his daddy, and I am so glad his daddy loves playing with him too! :) Notice his new pj's his dad got for him. Go Red Sox!
p.s. Those temporary tattoos weren't so temporary. He loved that he had them still for church.


New Baby and Halloween

My sister-in-law, Jenny, had her beautiful baby boy. After hours and hours on labor she gave one big push (Chris says half a push) and Spencer was born. When I asked her about it, Jenny said, "I was just done. I was done being pregnant and being in labor." Way to go Jenny!

What a cute baby. He is so perfect and beautful just like his siblings. Jenny and Troy sure produce some cute kiddos.

Parker already loves his new cousin. He has now named his bear "Spencer" and keeps it wrapped up in his blanky.

After the ward Halloween Party we went to the hospital to visit Jenny and the little one. Parker was a baseball player for Halloween, and not just any baseball player, but a Red Sox Baseball player. He loved his costume. He wore it all the next day and had a fit when he needed to take it off to go to a baptism.
Now...how to get rid of all this candy without gaining 10 pounds?