Christmas This Year!

I loved the Christmas Season this year. I am sad that it is over. I wish that the Chistmas Season could last all year long. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. It was so much fun to celebrate Christmas with Parker. He loved the Christmas music, the lights, the food, and the movies. His favorite Christmas song is "Jingle Bells" and he loves to sing it. He also thinks Santa is a superstar. I don't think he really understands Santa's "role" in Christmas, but he sure thinks he's cool.

It was really weird to not have my siblings around--Patty and fam in VA, Becky and fam in TX, and Elder Hobbs in the MTC--but I survived (Thank You Chris!!!).

Christmas morning was nice. Parker got many fun things including Diego underwear (we are trying to potty train...stay tuned to see how it goes). He also received many great presents from the rest of his family...Thank you!!!!! It was wonderful to be with family. Thank you for all your generosity to my little family. We love you!!!


Playing in the Leaves

Leaves are falling all around

On the house-tops, on the ground

Leaves are falling on my nose

On my head and hands and toes

That's A Spicy Meatball

I tasted the best meatball the othe night at our Relief Society Enrichment Night. Yum...it was sooooo good. The other food was good too, but that meatball ooooooo...

OK, on a serious note, the night was fun. There was a nice program with songs and stories that brought tears to my eyes, and the food really was good. At the end we made Christmas wreaths out of real pine boughs. I also learned how to make bows. Thank you to all who helped make it a wonderful evening!

I love the Christmas Season!!!!!!!!


The Difference Between Boys and Girls

This past weekend at the stake Christmas program I was able to visit with my friend Jen Anderson whom I hardly ever see. She has a beautiful daughter, Rachel, who is just growing up so fast. She told me about at time when someone paid Rachel a complement about her pretty eyes and she said, "Yeah, I know." What a funny little girl.
That story reminded of a time when someone paid Parker a complement about how cute he is, and he said, "Yeah, baseball."

You'll have to go to Jen's blog to see how cute Rachel is! http://llegue.blogspot.com/