Welcome from the dark ages!

OK, so I have succumbed to pressure. I am going to start a blog. I hope it will be viewed by someone...anyone. I love looking at other family and friends' blogs so maybe someone will be interested in ours.
More to come in the future!!!!

This was the only picture on my computer so far...so I hope you enjoy it!


shelbell said...

Yah for the Shepherds!! I love that you blog now. Can't wait to see what's next, and yes, I do enjoy the picture. Very nice:)

llegue said...

Hi guys! You've joined the bandwagon. Let it be known (ehem ehem) that I started back in 2005

Laurie said...

OK, you are superhuman! What don't you do? I thought I was doing well with my measly Facebook! (I had to look up measly in a dictionary. My mind is disintegrating slowly :(
It is nice to share with you since I don't get to see you everyday anymore!

Lisa Fewox said...

Woot! Woot! Can't wait for the juicy stuff to start coming!

Janalee said...

Hey Jess!
Way to go! Another Blogger I can spy on. OK not really spy, but it's such an easy way to keep tabs on friends and family! Check us out: