My Husband Loves Me

So we have a tree in our front yard that is getting pretty big and unruly, and has a couple branches that hang over our flat roof. One morning last week, Parker and I heard Charlie (my cat) meowing outside my bedroom window. I thought that was weird, but Parker said he saw her so I didn't question anything. I just thought she found a new way to tell me she was hungry. Well when Chris and I were going to bed that night, we heard her meowing again outside our window, and Chris says, "I think she's on the roof." I yelled to have him go get her... a little side note, Chris DOES NOT like my cat. I don't know why he despises her so much, but he does...Well despite his bad feelings for Charlie and not so secret wish that she would stay up there and pass on into "Kitty Heaven", he climbed up a splintery board (because we did not have our ladder) at 11:30 at night, when it was beginning to sprinkle to get my cat that he doesn't like all because he loves me and wants me to be happy. I think I'll keep him!!!!

Picture of the week.

You've heard of car phones right? Well, what about tricycle phones? And no he is not pretending to talk on the phone. He is actually carrying on a conversation with his cuz, Madelyn.


JOHANNA said...

Love the pic!
And yes your man is a keeper-I can't stand cats either. I'm a dog LOVER

shelbell said...

I didn't know Chris hated your cat!! That's so funny. I think Corey despises Dion most days too actually. It was great seeing you last week (twice in one day...wow!).