Viva La Vida!!!!!

Well, I'm finally getting to reporting about our trip to Las Vegas. It was a great trip away from Albuquerque. I love road trips. I have grown to love the landscape of New Mexico. I know a lot of people might think I'm crazy, but I do. No, there is not a lot of green, and there is a lot of dirt, but there are so many colors in that dirt! There's old lava flows, layers of color, erosion that makes interesting shapes...OK, I'll stop. I know - I'm a science nerd.

Back to Vegas. We had a fun time being together. It was hotter than Hades, but LV has the best air conditioning in the world. We stayed on "The Strip" thanks to a timeshare seminar which was an experience all it's own. As much as they try to market Vegas as family friendly, it is not. We went to the Coke Factory which was fun, ate at the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM (Parker loved that, but not the "rain storms"), and took Parker to the Excalibur where he won a sword.
Sharing a milkshake @ Roxy's (The waitstaff sang and were good!)

Hangin' with the Coke Bear.

Parker and his dad...ha ha! Just kidding Chris. Love ya!

So those things were neat, but not worth putting up with all the filth that is around. Thank goodness Parker didn't really notice any of that till the last night when he looked up and saw a billboard for a Vegas Showgirl show and said, "That gill (girl) is showing her bumb." So that was that, and he will not be going to "The Strip" ever again!!

While we were there, we got to see my bro & sis-in-laws' new home, and it is beautiful. We also were able to visit with the family for a little while, which was fun, but I wish we would have spent more time with them...next time!!!

Now for the highlight of the trip. The homemade potato chips at Roxy's...just kidding. They were good, but not the highlight. THE COLDPLAY CONCERT!!!!!

First of all, I have a bunch of shout outs for the people I thought about during the show:

Corey & Michelle: Chris and I are really sorry we didn't call you to come with us. We missed having you there!

Michelle & Becky & Brad: We missed seeing the concert with you too!!!

The Premies: (my little brother's band before he and the rest of the band went on their missions) I don't remember the name of the guy that was the opening act, but he did his whole gig on 2 digital keyboards with Macs on either side of him. While he played his music (trance) he projected this psychedelic animation behind him. I thought you guys really would have liked that.

The Giranimals: (Connie & Maury's band) You guys should have been the 2nd opening act. Not whoever was the 2nd opening act.

Connie H.: (favorite thing in the world besides Bret Farve & Tim McGraw is confetti.) During the song, "Lovers in Japan", there was confetti that dropped from the ceiling. Not just a little, but a ton! And it wasn't ordinary confetti. It was shaped like butterflies the size of your palm. It was beautiful. The first time they dropped it (Well they didn't just drop it. It was shot out of canons or something.) they shown white lights on them. Then the second time they used black lights, so the butterflies looked like they were glowing. Connie you would have LOVED IT!!!!!

(Please no one be offended if I didn't think of you during the concert...I still love you!!!!!)

The concert was great. Those guys are talented! I wont blog about every single song they did, but I will say that every song they did play was entertaining and fantastic. I am so glad I finally got to see them in concert.

So, all our little summer adventures are now over (except for the ward camp out...yeah!), and I'm starting to feel the pressure of school starting. I can't believe I only have 8 more days of summer. The good thing about that is between now and the first day I report back Breaking Dawn comes out, so I'll be busy this weekend!


shelbell said...

I am SO excited for that book! I am re-reading the books right now since its been a year or so:)

I hope you blew Chris Martin a kiss from me! I love their new CD. Love it! Thanks for thinking of us. Glad you guys had a good time.

Vegas...a family place. Isn't that hilarious that those words can even be mentioned in the same sentence? At least on the strip.

Tammy said...

Coldplay?! how lucky! i would of loved to see them.

Stace-Ghost said...

Jessica, This is Stacy j (cooley) and I must tell you that I love coldplay and am so jealous that you got to see them on their new tour. I have seen them twice and they are absolutely wonderful!