Parker & his Baseball

Parker is finally on a baseball team. It's actually t-ball, but he doesn't care. He is on a real team with a real coach that thinks he is a rock star on the field. It's been so much fun to see him play. He is constantly smiling, and you can tell that he is having a blast out there. I don't know where he got the love for the game. Definately not from his parents. Some might see and say, "Ah, cute. He loves baseball." But he doesn't just love baseball, he LOVES baseball. He could play it 24/7. He would sleep with his glove & bat if we let him (he's actually done that before).

So ever since we went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park when he was two, we've been fans. He has posters up in his room of Fenway, the Red Sox winning the World Series & even one of Babe Ruth in his Red Sox uniform. Parker was so sure that he would be on the Red Sox t-ball team. However, I'm sure you can guess what happened. He ended up on the Yankees. At first he said, "AWE MAN! THE YANKEES?!" But his tone has changed. His uncle and cousins love the Yankees and Parker has actually wanted a excuse to cheer for the Yankees. So now he love both teams. Both Yankees & Red Sox fans may say, "If you love one, you CAN'T love the other." People have even explained to Parker that the Red Sox & Yankees are rivals, but he doesn't care about that. He says, "I don't care if they are enemies, I love the Red Sox and the Yankees." So that's that. No changing his mind.

Parker is a natural at the game. Well, way more natural at it than Chris or me. The first time he was catcher, get got out to his position in the get-up and squatted right down with his hand behind his back and everything. When he was short stop he even sacrificed his body a couple times to catch the ball and throw it to first. I know I'm braggin a lot, but I just can't believe he's my kid. Don't get me wrong, he's still clumsy like me, but he recovers so fast and is still able to block a goal in soccer or throw the ball to first from his knees. It's crazy to watch. Anyway, enough of that.


Jennie said...

Go Parker! Have a great season :)

shelbell said...

He is the best! I love his passion:)
Our Beck has started sleeping with his mitt. It's so darn cute. When are we going to see you??!