New Baby and Halloween

My sister-in-law, Jenny, had her beautiful baby boy. After hours and hours on labor she gave one big push (Chris says half a push) and Spencer was born. When I asked her about it, Jenny said, "I was just done. I was done being pregnant and being in labor." Way to go Jenny!

What a cute baby. He is so perfect and beautful just like his siblings. Jenny and Troy sure produce some cute kiddos.

Parker already loves his new cousin. He has now named his bear "Spencer" and keeps it wrapped up in his blanky.

After the ward Halloween Party we went to the hospital to visit Jenny and the little one. Parker was a baseball player for Halloween, and not just any baseball player, but a Red Sox Baseball player. He loved his costume. He wore it all the next day and had a fit when he needed to take it off to go to a baptism.
Now...how to get rid of all this candy without gaining 10 pounds?


Lisa Fewox said...

I love it! Cute baby, cute Red Sox player, cute blog! Your pictures on the side look professional, are they?

What we are made of: said...

Thanks. The top picture is professional (the photographer was doing a fundraiser for one of my student's family). Her work is wonderful! You should check out her blog www.brisaban.blogspot.com