Last week Parker asked, "Mommy, can I have some spitting nuts?" I was so confused. I said, "What?" He said, "Some spitting nuts. Can I have some?" I was looking around trying to figure out what he was wanting. Then it clicked! A friend had some sunflower seeds...I bursted out laughing...kids are so logical when they come up with names!

Also last week, Parker was playing with one of our cats, Chester (an old grumpy male) under the table. I was in the back of the house and suddenly I heard, "OW! I'M GOING TO TELL MOMMY!", and then his little feet running to tell me that he got scratched from the cat and he added, "Go tell Chester 'No! No!'." Oh, the woes of being an only child. You have no one to tattle on, but the cat.


Be, Br, and E said...

I thought of you guys last night. My friend Courtney and her kids evacuated to our house and so we decided to go to a Rangers game. I even ran into that little old lady that gave us the tour in March. We got tickets for $3 each up in the upper deck but nobody was there so we sat down at the railing and had a perfect view. The guy behind us was eating spitting nuts during the game. I'm sure he would have shared with Parker.

JOHANNA said...

Get it together Chester!

shelbell said...

Wait, do you have 2 cats? I don't remember 2! Naughty Chester. I love sunflower seeds too...maybe we should have them renamed, seeing as though his name for them makes perfect sense!

P.S. Definite girls night for twilight movie:)

brianna saban said...

i didn't know you had a blog?!!
how coooool!!!

k, so the concert is in november--in denver--so i haven't been yet!
(but thanks for the heads up on the confetti. oh my heck I CAN'T WAIT!)

your family is darling---so darling.

now i have a new blog to add to the list:)


Aubrey, Josh, and Caden said...

Parker is just so sharp, he is always a hoot! If you only have one, Parker is a darn good one!!! (c;

Be, Br, and E said...

I really think your kid is great. I got tagged for the first time last week and decided to tag you. So tag.

daveandraechel said...

Jonas always explains things in a way that takes forever. There is a youtube video of "how to pick a woodwind instrument" and every time he asks for it he says "can i watch the movie where no one moves and no pictures move and the music doesn't move." The first time he said this i was so proud of myself for being able to decipher his gibberish.