I'm Perfect, I Don't Have Quirks!

OK, so my sis, Becky, tagged me. Now I'm supposed to tell you 5 quirks about myself. (I actually like these things) Here I go:
1. The cloths in my closet need to be organized! I'm not that quick about doing laundry or folding it, but once it's in my closet, it drives me crazy if it is not organized (jeans, then khakis, skirts (short then long), short sleeve shirts (by color), polos (by color), short sleeve button ups (by color), long sleeve button ups (by color), sweatshirts and jackets, then misc)...who would have thought I was so neurotic about a closet?!
2. So my sis is obsessed with tweezed eye brows, and I'm obsessed with clean ears. People, have you ever heard of Q-Tips?

3. I still make weird "clearing my throat" noises when I brush my teeth that my siblings made fun of me for when I was younger.

4. I set my alarm 30 minutes before I need to get up because I know I will hit my snooze button at least 3 times before I really wake up.

5. Unlike my sisters, I don't like going to sleep without touching my husband. I'm not talking about in a kinky way...just, feet touching, spooning, hand on arm/hand, etc...I love having someone (mostly my husband) in the same bed as me.

Just for fun...
6&7 ...this is worth two quirks!...I like Miley Cyrus' music.

So now, Heidi, Johanna, and Tammy, "TAG! YOU'RE IT!"
If want to do it just follow these rules:
1. Tell about 5 quirks you have.
2. Tag 3 fellow bloggers and leave a comment to let them know


Be, Br, and E said...

Awesome. You were so quick at posting. Next time you come visit, will you organize my closet for me? Things are everywhere. Oh and I love clean ears too. That's so obvious I didn't think of it as a quirk.

Edward John Dose said...

1) I will drive eight hours to re organize the tea bags on the stove because I know they were out of cordiation.
2) I would much rather be by myself.
3) I have never ever wanted to be eaten by a shark.
4) I am afraid of snakes and worms.
5) I will walk out to the car to make sure I've locked the dorrs.

JOHANNA said...

LOL! OK clean ears- I can do that!

llegue said...

you would LOVE what they have in Japan...mimi cleaners is what I call it. (mimi is Japanese baby talk for ear.) It's a little wooden stick with a scoop at the end to successfully remove earwax. BRILLANT!!

shelbell said...

I bet your closet is a beautiful thing to behold! And Corey has a q-tip issue too. We did those ear-candeling(I think that's what its called) things at my mom's a few years back. You'd love it. Its pretty gross though when you see all the icky junk. On second thought, maybe that wouldn't be good for you...it would make you want to use q-tips 10 times a day!

Eowyn said...

Hey you!!!! Glad to see you are doing well. Your family is SO adorable!

daveandraechel said...

oh, and totally the old lady is totally right on about the q-tips. That cracked me up. Who actually uses q-tips for anything but the true joy of cleaning the ear out. It feels so good. Am I alone in the bliss I feel from cleaning out my ears with q-tips? I want to go do it right now...

angiehd said...

I set my alarm for an HOUR before I need to get up. And I set the snooze for 3-5 minutes. And I still oversleep. Pathetic.