class blog and bad spelling

I don't know why, but I decided to do a blog for my class this year. Mostly stuff for parents, but we took a field trip up to the mountains and got some pretty pictures of the changing colors. I figured out how to make a movie/slide show on a pc which is nice, but I can't for the life of me remember how to get music on my class blog...it's driving me crazy!!!! Help me Johanna!!!!!


(ASH stands for the three teachers that teach our class...it's explained on the blog)

I also want to thank all of you who endure my bad grammar, spelling, mechanics, and so on, in my blog. I really do read over my writing before I post it, but things slip through. My grandmas would be ashamed. But I figure, if your reading this you love me and take me how I am...misspellings and all.


Skel said...

So, I've totally started a blog, and we should be blog friends. Yeah!


And you know I'll always think you're amazing and awesome, even if you might misspell a few things!


JOHANNA said...

How fun for your class to have their own blog!! What a great idea! To put music on your blog just go down to your music playlist on your current blog and click on create your free playlist and it should walk you through it if not call me:) AND JUST WANTED TO END BY SAYING- OATMEAL!!!

shelbell said...

My poor mom is having to do a blog for a class at school(el. ed.) and she's dying over it. You'll do great, I know it!

It was so great seeing you guys last weekend! Fun as always:)

Jenni and fam said...

Seeing you guys just brought all the Albuquerque memories back. We sure had some good times huh! Parker is so cute. he is a perfect mix between the 2 of you! Where does Chris teach? Is comanche near where Adam and Kathy live? Just wondering. Do you guys live in the Sandia ward boundaries? Its fun to catch up on everyones lives.