A Happy Little Bubble @ Comanche E.S.

The other day I was outside on the field during recess watching the student's at my school play. As I was watching, I noticed that there were about 10 games of catch going on, one kickball game, several games of tag, and a couple groups just sitting/standing around talking. This was all going on within half the size of a soccer field and all the games interweaving into each other. Kids were playing catch through the middle of the kickball game, and the kids playing tag were running through the kids sitting and visiting. The miraculous thing was no one was getting mad at each other. Everyone was having fun and tolerating everything else that was going on around them. If a football was accidentally thrown into the middle of a group of girls talking, the girls would just pick it up and nicely throw it back to whoever threw it. I was in amazed! I was ready to break up any fights of kids who would get mad for someone running through the kickball game, but I didn't need to interfere once. Now this doesn't happen all the time where I teach, but it does happen often. It made me sad to think that this is rare on a school playground (at least at the majority of the schools in Albuquerque). I wanted to freeze that moment so that everyone, young and old, could see this little piece of heaven. People can get along. We can all be doing different things and not get bent out of shape if someone else's actions briefly interrupt what is going on in our own lives. It was inspiring.


JOHANNA said...

Thank you I love that you shared that!

Edward John Dose said...

Send me your email and siblings email so I can invite you to read my blog. I had to put a security filter on it. Sorry.