Since I last posted

Since I last posted, nothing much has changed in our lives...well not Chris or mine. However, Parker has gone through preschool and loved it; started kindergarten and loves it; and started playing soccer and LOVES it!

He and I really enjoy being at the same school together. I love being able to peek my head in when the door of the classroom is open and give him a wink. Plus, I love seeing him and getting a hug right after school lets out.

Parker has been waiting over the past 5 years of his life to play in an organized sport. He has watched his older cousins compete, and longed for the day that people would cheer him on. The time finally came this soccer season. He loves having a uniform to put on every Saturday. He puts it on as soon as he wakes up...complete with shin guards and cleats. I enjoy watching him run around, going after the ball, and even scoring every once in a while.

So, your probably thinking, "OK! Let's see the pictures of his first day of school and first game!" Well, I don't have any. I have two pictures of his first day trapped on the internal memory of my camera (which I don't know where the cord is), and I forgot my camera for the first game. Thank goodness Uncle Troy and Pappy remembered theirs. Now I just need to get the pictures from them.

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